Feb 3, 2011

Day #5

The Simple Things.

My definition of ''simple things'':
Small acts taken for granted daily, but can change ones outlook on a day when noticed.

Maybe we can start noticing the small things in our everyday lives, and return the favor.

Giving up a seat.

Holding the door open.

Waiving along the other car to go first.

All of these simple small acts can add up and make a not so great day into a fantastic day.

We take for granted the people in the world who do the simple things on a daily basis.

Maybe there is a way we can give back...

I believe that smiles are contagious and I try my very best to give one out to each person I pass.

Yes, there are some individuals that seem allergic to smiles, but don't let that stop you. Those are the people that need the love and kindness most in the world.

My mother always tells me, "Kill them with kindness".

She is a pretty smart woman.

On my 5th day into my 365, I met a man. 

Everyday I take the 'EL' to class and have a lovely ride of about 32 minutes. During this time I listen to music and wonder about peoples lives. That may sound creepy, but I am always curious to learn about others. About three stops from my school a man takes a seat not to far from mine. He is a man in his early 40's, average size and height, possibly a business man going to work. He carried with him a black book bag. the contents probably being paperwork, books, dress shoes to change into after being in the snow, and maybe lunch. 

In the mean time I was enjoying the lovely view of the Chicago skyline when I hear BOOM! (ok I like to exaggerate a little) He dropped something, but didn't notice. I looked down and it was a water bottle. I paused my music and asked if it was his, no biggie. It was in fact his and he was very grateful I noticed. 

My small gesture of simply picking up his water and starting a small conversation brightened his day and only took a few minutes. I then went back to my music and gathered my things. I did not consider this to be my #5 until he approached me as I was exiting the 'EL'. He said, "Thank you, Have a great day". 

I know, simple right? This little gesture towards me gave me a smile all the way to class. The fact that I had helped him was almost as if I had surprised him that there is kindness in the city. After smiling I remembered how important small gestures are and he then became #5.

Here it is more simply...

It is a beautiful thing.

Small Talk

A smile.

It is universal.

Do you believe that an act as simple as smiling can generate kindness?

Jayme Lynn

Photos courtesy of Fliker and my Personal Photos