Jan 30, 2011

365 Days

365 days...

A number of things can happen in 365 days...
1. Move to a new place.
2. Make news friends. 
3. Fall in love.
4. Have a child.
5. Get a gold fish.
6. Make a career change.
7. Discover a new hobby.
8. Accomplish something amazing.
9. Become a better person.
10. Buy a whole new wardrobe.
11. Change your life.

The point is...
     365 days
    1 year
52 weeks
8,765.84243398224 hours
525 948.766 minutes

There is more time than we think.

When we were young time went by rather slow...

Waiting for a ride.
Waiting for santa.

Now, people would pay good money to get more time.

It is hard to appreciate the little things in life when we are running 5 minutes late to a meeting or class. 
Fast pace.
Sometimes it is nice to just stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the laughter of people around.

What if...in 356 days something big and small could happen at the same time?

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a story about Noah Scalin. Noah wanted to create something everyday for 365 days no matter what. He did not quite grasp how difficult the task was going to be that he had signed up for. With help and support from friends and followers he was able to accomplish his goal and is supporting others!

His story inspired me to create something for 365 days straight. 
Unfortunately, I am no good at making decisions and took me about a week to decide. 

FINALLY I decided what I could create!

Smiles. Happiness. Joy. Hope. Peace. 
The Unexpected.

When I was deciding what I could create for 1 year I was limiting myself to only artistic things. 

I was forgetting the thing I love more than art...giving the unexpected. 

Each day=A different act.
For each day over the next 365 days I will do a kind act for a stranger.

The small things have always meant the most to me and I believe that 365 small things can ripple into 1,000,000 small things which equals something rather large.

I will need all of the help I can get. 

The purpose for the blog is to document my year to come 2011 (which happens to be my favorite) and because I am going to need support and ideas for the days ahead. 

With all goals obstacles will occur and committing is a huge step for accomplishing goals.

I am very excited to share all of my days to come and cannot wait to hear all of your ideas and thoughts!

Always, Jayme Lynn

Photots courtesy of Flikr

Who I am...

This is me...
My favorite number.

My Love.

My inner child.

I will leave a mark on the world.

Home Sweet Chicago.

I believe we all need to extend the LOVE.

Driving to the middle of nowhere.

Bubble Baths.

Enough said.

Sometimes we all need to have a good scream.
Hopeless Romantic? Guilty.

Discovering myself and new places.

Ahhh Paint :)

Photos say more than words.

Follow your heart.


On top of the world.

This was a little about me. I can't wait to get to know you.

- Jayme Lynn

Photos courtesy of Flicker & ACPhotography