Feb 4, 2011

Day #6

Lunch Time.

Ahh Lunch.

1 of 3 main meals during the day. 

It is difficult to eat lunch during my class days, but a pleasure when I do. 

On a very chilly wednesday afternoon on January 26 I was able to go out to lunch on an hour long break from class.

Alex (my boyfriend) met me for lunch this lovely day. 

Only a few blocks away is none other than...The Corner Bakery Cafe.

I had never before been and have heard nothing but great things about it.

I entered.

Looked around.

Ordered some yummy food.

Then saw the MASS amount of people!

I am talking about every single table being occupied with someone. 

Some were eating.

Some were talking.

Some just reading the paper. 

Finally I spotted a girl leaving the corner 2 person booth by the exit door. This table was fine with me even though there would surely be a lovely draft.

The food was so satisfying and delicious. I wanted to stay for the remaining 30 minutes of my break.

The mass amount of people had not changed at all in the mean time. 


I saw a man looking around just as I had been doing only 30 minutes earlier.

I stood up and told him that we were leaving and he may have our table. 

That man became #6.

Unexpected acts do not have to be thought of in advance. Some people may think that I go looking for a specific person each day, but I do not. I think that the unexpected acts should happen as they come.

What unexpected act would you like to be done for you?

Jayme Lynn

Photos courtesy of Flikr