Feb 1, 2011

Day #2


I have mixed feelings about school.
 I am a student which makes it difficult to like school and think that it is good for me. 

I spent a year at a traditional university and met so many great people and made good memories. However, I was commuting and know that the experience would have been much different if the school was away from home. The homework was like any other school and not too much different from anything I had previously. Reading assignments, papers to write, and finals to take. 

Books. Books. Books. 

Art and design have always always been a love of mine. After high school art school was in my eyes, but my parents thought it would be smart to have some gen eds under my belt before I transferred. Charleston, SC is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited and was already packing my bags to move for school. 
Charleston, South Carolina
Obviously, I am not living in Charleston or I would be writing this outside under my favorite beautiful trees. I will live in Charleston before my 30's. Chicago is where my dream led me and now I am attending one of the best design schools in the country. 

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is rather cold this time of year, but B-E-A-Utiful during the spring, summer, and fall. Never been to the big city? There is nothing to be afraid of unless the south side is on the list of sites to see. Everyone assumes that because Chicago is the 3rd largest city then there must be crime at every corner. It is true there will be crime just like every other city or town, but do not let it stop you. Come visit! And bring the camera!! Shopping is fantastic as well as the sites.

Anyway, back to school. Shopping gets the best of me a lot of the time. I am in my second semester of design school and the work load has multiplied by10. Having class 23 hours out of the week can be draining after awhile, but the education is fantastic. No student enjoys the homework or long classes.

As I said at the start...as a student it is hard not to side towards not enjoying school, but I know that I am at a great school and am learning  A LOT for my future career as an Interior Designer and I WILL be great at what I do. I WILL design Boutique Hotels around the WORLD!

All of that said, on January 22, 2011 I was at an open house for my school with my boyfriend looking at the photography program. Watching all of the soon to be students memories came back to me. I love to think about what someone may be thinking in any given situation.

There was a mother next to me and I started up a conversation with her to reassure her that she and her daughter were in fact making a good decision. I did not lie to her about all of the work and I did let her know that the people and teachers are fantastic!

A sigh of relief came over this woman because a stranger gave her an unexpected reassurance she had been looking for.

Is there ever an overwhelming feeling that comes over you to talk to a stranger and reassure them about something?

-Jayme Lynn

Photos Courtesy of Flikr

Day #1


In almost every large city there are bound to be tourists around. I grew up in the capital of Illinois. Some have visited this wonderful place to learn more about Abraham Lincoln. Yes, he was a great man and accomplished some pretty awesome things, but after awhile we are all ready to hear about something new. 

Tourist are easy to spot. 

Whether it is how they are dressed...

Or how the map is blocking their view...

We have ALL been there now and again in our life. 

Almost everyone enjoys traveling and discovering new places. One of my very favorite things in life is traveling and learning about others cultures and ways of life. Although our own town/city may be boring in our eyes, it is a new adventure to another. 

Now, living in Chicago instead of Springfield...tourists are absolutely everywhere.

...unless there is a blizzard going on outside!

Although we may get frustrated with having visitors in our town because their walking or driving is slowing us down,  remember that everyone has been there and it is nice to take in the new sites. 

For my first act of the unexpected I offered my kindness to tourists close to my home. 
On January 21, 2011

None other than Wrigley Field.

Yes, tourists love this place...especially those cub fans. I am not a baseball fan, but I hear that cub fans love this place. I did however go to a Dave Matthews Band Concert this past fall and stood on the field two nights in a row. 

It was magical...

On my way to a GREAT little cafe called Uncommon Ground only a few blocks from Wrigley...I ran into a couple and yes they were tourists. Lucky for them it was the coldest day ever! I believe the real feel was negative 3 degrees outside. Any who...I saw the girl with a camera staring up at the Wrigley Field sign and her boyfriend standing to her left in a hoodie (not the most ideal coat for the weather). I then stopped to ask if they would like a picture, after hesitating and wondering if I was abut to rob their camera, she gratefully said yes. 

I took the time out to help a stranger or two that happened to be tourists. I know that when I visit a new place I want to remember not only the sites but the residents as well. 

So...next time you see a tourist remember how you want to feel in a new place...


Have you ever had an experience when traveling that was pleasant because of a kind gesture from a stranger?

-Jayme Lynn

Photos courtesy of Flikr.com