Apr 17, 2011

More to come!

Attention All!

I have not forgotten about you...

The 365 days are still continuing and will be until the end!

Each day is getting a little bit more difficult to come up with new ideas and your help is appreciated. 

I am in the last week of school until my break and then I will be relaxing by the ocean. 

During this week away I will be catching you up on all that has happened!

See you soon!

Jayme Lynn

Mar 15, 2011

Day # 21


Ever since we were young we have known about buses.

School buses.

City buses.

Charter buses.

All are big and normally not very comfortable.

On the lovely day of Feb. 10 the snow was melting and turning to ice.

I was waiting for the bus for quite some time in the cold.

It is such a nice feeling to finally see the bus approach after freezing.

A man in a wheel chair was getting off the bus while we were getting on.

All the buses are handicap accessible...

the only problem was the ice.

The wheelchair was not gaining traction and he began to slide.

I asked him if he needed help and he was grateful I did.

There are some people that are ok with accepting help and some that aren't.

Make sure to ask before helping anyone because you never know if they will take it the wrong way.

Do you help people when they are in need?

Jayme Lynn

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Day #20


More than pennies and less than dimes.

Not the smallest or largest of coins.

Basically there to take up space.

 Called in for back up when you don't want to count out 5 pennies.

I love to keep nickels and pennies in my coat pocket.


I must have something in my coat pocket and they are perfect!

On Feb. 9 I wanted to give my nickel a new home.

This new home was in a vending machine in the student lounge.

My trusty coin had served me well and now it was time to give the unexpected.

Do you keep anything special in your pockets?

Jayme Lynn

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Mar 14, 2011

Day # 19


Where to even begin about music.

There is not enough time in the day to discuss all of my thoughts on music.

A few quick thoughts...

I believe that music can take you to a place far far away.

I respect that everyone has different taste in music.

DMB. Jason Mraz. & Jack Johnson make me very happy.

Starbucks has a free pick of the week each week.

Amos Lee

Unlike most people I do not like coffee. 

I actually have never liked anything with caffeine.

Strange, I know. 

My school does have a Starbucks in the same building and I am still very much in love.

I use to work at a Starbucks back in the day and loved the people and atmosphere.

This all being said I have grown to love the Baristas at my new Starbucks.

On Feb. 8 I wrote the name of my blog on the back of the pick shown above for someone to find unexpectedly. 


This happened.


Just what I needed on that particular day.

From my favorite new Barista...

Michael Moore
What song or artist makes you feel the best?

Always, Jayme Lynn

Day # 18

Post-It Notes

Post-Its can be used in so many countless ways...


Two things that were always in my house growing up

1. Sharpies
2. Post-It Notes

This pretty much sums up my love for both.

I love to put post-it notes around the apartment to remind me of my dreams and goals.

On day #18 I put one up for everyone to see.

It said...

People tend to forget about the dreams they had growing up.

Don't forget.


Always, Jayme Lynn

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Day # 17


Yes. This is a blog and they are becoming all the rage.

That's what the kids are saying anyway.

Thoughts, projects, pictures, ect.

All things found in blogs. 

This whole blog thing is new to me and the first one I ever started following was Covitliving.com

This book helped inspire my blog and 365 day project.

My project was featured today on his blog!

I have been told that my blog has been inspirational for many people and that is exactly my goal.

I want everyone that follows my blog to be inspired to go out and do something unexpected for a stranger.

On this day of Feb. 6 I found a blog.

I am so sorry that I did not write the blog down, but I wanted to leave her a comment of thanks.

She had a post about peace and her thoughts and not being afraid to express her opinions.

I believe that takes courage and I thanked her for inspiring me.

Everyone needs to know that they make a difference when they do.

Is there someone who has inspired you?

Always, Jayme Lynn

Day # 16


Chicago Sun Times

Unfortunately newspapers are becoming less used each year.

The internet is full of the news stories and coupons.

I tend to think that newspapers are awesome because they make you feel smart!

Whenever I visit my Grandpa I love watching him read the newspaper because it normally looks like this.....

There is nothing that compares to the sunday comics.

Lately, I have begun to do the crosswords, which also makes me feel pretty smart.

All of that being said...

We all know that Sunday papers cost the most money and have the best comics!

On my way home on Feb. 5 I decided to leave money in the paper dispenser.

The next morning someone would either pull the handle to find it open
Pay for a sunday paper not realizing there was already money in it.

Either way, if they inserted their own quarters then the next person would come to a free paper and so on.

I guess we will never know.

Do you have a favorite comic strip from the paper?

Always, Jayme Lynn

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Mar 6, 2011

Day #15

Expecting Mothers.


I have not yet experienced this wonderful experience, but I look forward to it.

I have a nurturing personality.

One of my biggest dreams in life is to become a mom.

Since I have not yet been pregnant there isn't much that I can say about it.

I do love pregnancy photos.

I also believe that expecting mothers need to know that they have support.

Especially the soon to be single mothers.

A very close family friend is a single mother and what an amazing woman she is!

Her son is growing up to be a fantastic boy and maybe she didn't have all of the support in the world, but she had the support of many loved ones and she is one of the strongest women I know.

Knowing that not everyone gets the support they need I wanted to give some of my own.

What To Expect

Mother to be,  I would first like to start by saying congrats and hang in there! I am positive that you will be a fantastic mother. I hope this brought a smile to your face! 
Love from a stranger

Is there someone you know that could use some support or a word of encouragement?

Always, Jayme Lynn

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Day #14


My favorite day so far.

Day #14.

The snow is still here after the Blizzard of 2011.

Walking to Walgreens with Alex...

I am pondering about my unexpected act of the day. 

As I have said in previous posts I love leaving surprises that will put a smile on someones face.


I left a mark.

On a tree.

For you!

This is...


I felt very attached to lou for some reason.

Maybe it is because I created him and he put a smile on my face every time I thought of him.

Lou lasted a few days, which is longer than I thought.

Is there a creation that has left a smile on your face?

Always, Jayme Lynn & Lou

Day #13

Mail Boxes.

I have always had a love for USPS mailboxes.

Whether old.



Kind of boring.


Or just your ordinary home mailbox.

All are appealing to me.

Who doesn't love dropping in a letter and then looking to see if it is still there?

Finally getting a long awaited package?

Or Finding a really old mailbox that should still be used due to its mass amount of character?

All of the love letters and postcards dropped into mailboxes make my imagination go wild!

On Feb. 2 Alex and I spent forever out and about after the blizzard.

(a recent post shows our wonderful adventures through the city)

We had just warmed up and were heading out again.

Alex was taking pictures and I noticed a woman having some bad luck.

She dropped her purse and soda and was heading for the mail box.

Due to the blizzard the night before the mail box was pretty much covered and hard to reach.

I walked towards her waiting for the box myself and asked if she needed help. 

She was so grateful for the kind gesture.

Conswella And I.
Next time you see someone having a hard time maybe you could take a minute and offer your help.

Always, Jayme Lynn

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Day #12

The Homeless.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of people young and old with no bed to go home to at the end of the day.

Every city has people asking for change or food.

All around the world are people asking and needing help.

People tend to forget that they are people just like everyone else.

With stories and memories.

And have made mistakes and taken wrong turns just like you and me.

We all end up in different places.

Before judging or walking by with disgust think about their stories. 

When I lived in the Loop of Chicago there was a man that I walked past everyday.





Everyday he was out greeting everybody on the way to work and school.

He put a giant smile on my face each time and since moving I still walk over the bridge he greets on.

On Feb. 1st I visited my near by Walgreens closest to school.

(This was also the day the Blizzard of 2011 was brewing)

Looks better than it was.

This man is there almost everyday.

He is alway bent over.

He was trying to reach his dropped glove.

Instead of passing by like the hundreds of others...I stopped.

Picked up his glove and helped him.

There wasn't too much I could do for him.

I was sad thinking about where he was going to stay tonight during the blizzard.

I am not asking you to give all of your money to people asking for it or to take them home and let them sleep in your guest room.

It is true that some people may use the money for things other than food.

Maybe just stop and hear their story.

Bring them a warm cup of tea.

Or even a sandwich.

Do you pass by someone needing help and think about how you would feel in their shoes?

Always, Jayme Lynn

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Feb 22, 2011

Day #11


I absolutely love quotes!

Leaving surprises for people to find is my new favorite thing!

I love the mystery of not knowing the reaction or who will find my gift.

On the night of January 31 I wanted to do something different.

I found a note card.

Then I found a quote.

I put the two together and ended with something unexpected.

"When the door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." -Helen Keller

Today I wanted something simple that still made an impact.

I wrote this on a note card and hid it at my local Walgreens.

Everyone has rough days and obstacles that come up.

I hope that finding this note was just the thing that they needed to hear.

What is your favorite quote?

Jayme Lynn

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Day #10


Pennies get a bad wrap.

1 cent doesn't add up to much to a lot of people. 

It is the smallest amount of money we have.

However, when there are A LOT it normally adds up.

Coins are dropped all of the time. 

If a penny is dropped we will most of the time leave it and keep walking.

If a quarter is dropped we STOP and pick it up!

When I see a penny on the street I stop!

I look down and FLIP the penny over if it is facing down.

I believe in finding lucky pennies and I always flip an unlucky penny to be a lucky penny.

Some may think I am crazy, but we all have our things.

I know that there are others in the world that think the same way I do and will be happy to find a lucky penny!

Do you have something small that you do for others to stumble upon?

Jayme Lynn

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Day #9


Planes. Trains. Automobiles.

Unfortunately we do not have a machine that can take us across the world in 1.5 seconds.

It may resemble this...

In the little town of Chicago we like to use the CTA to get around this fine city.

This could be either by the...


The 'L'
Either way you go the ride is going to cost $2.25 each way. 

CTA Pass.
So...On January 29 I was spending the day walking around my neighborhood with Alex, Jenna (my sister) and my mom.

I bought a Cta pass and wanted to give it to someone.

It is always nice to find one laying on the ground that has money on it. 

I have a unlimited pass for being a full time student so I normally give a found pass to Alex.

I love surprises and therefore I put the pass into a paper for someone else to find.

The Red Eye. Free paper printed daily.

Most likely they will never know where or who the pass came from. 

I am ok knowing this because the purpose is to put a smile on someone else's face.

I would hope that maybe whoever finds this will use it to go somewhere and explore, but that is only my hope.

Whether you have a car, take the transit, or walk...Go explore today.

You may find a place that takes your breath away.

Jayme Lynn

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Day #8


The one thing that I can make and will always taste delicious!

I am not the most amazing cook. 

My sister got all of the cooking talent from my father and I got creativity from somewhere....?

BUT...When it comes to making brownies it is all ME!

Add ice cream and you are golden.

Warm just out of the oven brownies are probably in my top 5 biggest temptations. 

On January 28 I had a thought...

I have just moved into a new apartment.

I made a batch of brownies.

And...I had not met my neighbor across the hall yet.

It may be hard to believe, but I am rather shy sometimes and that is why it took me a few weeks to get up the courage to introduce myself and boyfriend to our new neighbor!

I wrapped up some of these lovely delights...

Opened the door...

Took a few steps...

Knocked a few times...

He opened the door and introduced himself...

His name...Mike.

We found out that he works nights and we had just woken him up. 

Great first impression huh?

Anyway...He was appreciative for the brownies and it is always nice to know the guy living across the hall from you.

Do you have a sweet treat that you could surprise someone with?

Please let me know of ideas for my 365 days, it would be greatly appreciated.

Jayme Lynn

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