Feb 2, 2011

Day #4

It's Laundry Day!

Ahhh laundry. I have yet to meet an individual that enjoys laundry day.

We always hear about how lucky we are to have laundry done at home. It is no joke.

My laundry room is outside in the cold and in a dungeon like room. Scary.

There is something that I have always liked about laundromats even though I have never used one.

Really old laundromats are great for photography scenes. Trust me. Look it up.

Waiting is the worse.

In the dungeon of a laundry room we pay $1.00 for each load in the washer and $1.00 for each load in the dryer. $1.00 + $1.00 = $2.00

It was free at home :(

I enjoy the coin part of laundry and putting the coins in. The memories of going to the arcades return.

not exactly the same.

During the weekends when I am stuck at home doing my homework and trying to stay warm, my act of the unexpected is closer to home.

This is it...

To: You - From: Me
Love The Unexpected

"After using or taking the quarter you must pass on the unexpected to a stranger. This can range from holding open the door to simply leaving the quarters in front of you. Pass.It.On. :)"

Again a note and a gift. Above is a picture of $2.00 in quarter and a dryer sheet.

The unexpected doesn't have to be a huge thing. The simplest things are the greatest surprises because they are so unexpected and a lovely delight.

When you go to do a daily deed such as the laundry or even pick up the mail. Leave a note for the next person. Maybe even a little gift. 

Do you remember the last time the simple things made you smile?

-Jayme Lynn

Photo courtesy of Flikr

Day #3


Menus are everywhere.

I have NEVER gotten along with menus because I am no good at making decisions. 
When I choose what to eat and stare at the menu longer than 15 seconds a decision won't be made. It will then take up to 10 minutes to decide.

With traveling to new places comes trying new foods which is also a big favorite! Luckily my father loves basically every type of food and will try almost anything with me. After moving to a new part of the city, my boyfriend and I have been exploring new places to eat. 

We found the most adorable diner!

They have a cereal bar!

3 bowls for $4. YES! 

My first time visiting this adorable diner was in the morning and the cereal was pulling me in! That morning was a 10 second look at the menu. Cereal it was. The next visit was dinner and a 10-15 minute look at the menu. 

Only being my 3rd day, I still had a few ideas up my sleeve for my 362 days ahead of me. I love finding notes that others have left to leave a smile on another's face. 

That is what I did.

"You Are Special. Love Who You Are"

A small note. Maybe this was exactly what someone needed to hear. I have no idea and I will never know. Maybe who ever found it didn't need to see it, but whoever finds it next will. The mystery about the unexpected acts is one of my favorite parts.

When you open a menu next will you think about what you want or what someone else may need?

-Jayme Lynn