Mar 15, 2011

Day # 21


Ever since we were young we have known about buses.

School buses.

City buses.

Charter buses.

All are big and normally not very comfortable.

On the lovely day of Feb. 10 the snow was melting and turning to ice.

I was waiting for the bus for quite some time in the cold.

It is such a nice feeling to finally see the bus approach after freezing.

A man in a wheel chair was getting off the bus while we were getting on.

All the buses are handicap accessible...

the only problem was the ice.

The wheelchair was not gaining traction and he began to slide.

I asked him if he needed help and he was grateful I did.

There are some people that are ok with accepting help and some that aren't.

Make sure to ask before helping anyone because you never know if they will take it the wrong way.

Do you help people when they are in need?

Jayme Lynn

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  1. Somehow, I can't help but to do so. It's more instinct than a premeditated thought, though I would definitely ask first.

    I think it's my mothering gene.