Mar 15, 2011

Day #20


More than pennies and less than dimes.

Not the smallest or largest of coins.

Basically there to take up space.

 Called in for back up when you don't want to count out 5 pennies.

I love to keep nickels and pennies in my coat pocket.


I must have something in my coat pocket and they are perfect!

On Feb. 9 I wanted to give my nickel a new home.

This new home was in a vending machine in the student lounge.

My trusty coin had served me well and now it was time to give the unexpected.

Do you keep anything special in your pockets?

Jayme Lynn

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  1. Chapstick, most of the time I don't even need it, but it has become such a habit, I feel almost naked without it in my LEFT pants pocket.

  2. I carry my phone in my pants pocket. In my coat pockets, I keep all sorts of random odds n' ends. Yesterday, I found a bunch of candy from a birthday party tucked in one of my coat pockets. It made me laugh.