Mar 14, 2011

Day # 16


Chicago Sun Times

Unfortunately newspapers are becoming less used each year.

The internet is full of the news stories and coupons.

I tend to think that newspapers are awesome because they make you feel smart!

Whenever I visit my Grandpa I love watching him read the newspaper because it normally looks like this.....

There is nothing that compares to the sunday comics.

Lately, I have begun to do the crosswords, which also makes me feel pretty smart.

All of that being said...

We all know that Sunday papers cost the most money and have the best comics!

On my way home on Feb. 5 I decided to leave money in the paper dispenser.

The next morning someone would either pull the handle to find it open
Pay for a sunday paper not realizing there was already money in it.

Either way, if they inserted their own quarters then the next person would come to a free paper and so on.

I guess we will never know.

Do you have a favorite comic strip from the paper?

Always, Jayme Lynn

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